Axis Controls have a wealth of experience in creating electrical control and automation solutions for a wide variety of industrial end-users and machine builders.  

Over the 10 years of operating and many more years of experience in the controls and automation industry, Axis Controls have recommended the best cost-effective solutions for their clients.

In this category, we aim to be more detailed about retrofits, upgrades, and other applications we have accomplished, including those that satisfy the requirements of our UL508a certification. For more, we provide a vast portfolio of projects in our gallery.

For more, we provide a vast portfolio of projects, including; safety panel applications, temperature control systems, A-B PLC control systems, variable speed drives, process control systems, and Siemens PLC control systems. Visit our applications page to find out more about the following solutions;  web & winding processfood & beverage machinerypump & HVAC solutionsVSD systemsservo control solutions and systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

DePuy Ball Mill Case Study

We are currently in the process of pulling together all of the information we have to tell you about this exciting project.  

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