SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) process, distribute and display operating data; enabling your team to make important decisions; reducing downtime by quickly notifying operators of any issues within the system.  SCADA systems also allow your machine operators to control industrial processes locally, or from remote locations via the use of HMI solutions.  This enables your team to be able to monitor, gather and process large quantities of data in real-time, and directly interact with devices through HMI devices.

Axis Controls have the expertise to design & deliver scalable SCADA systems for any industrial application, to help maintain efficiency, process data for smarter production decisions and communicate system issues to help mitigate production downtime. Using the WinCC platform from Siemens, we can offer solutions for: 

  • Effective operator machine interfaces
  • Tablet & web interfaces using WebUX
  • Alarm handling
  • Data logging
  • Remote telemetry
  • Data analysis tools & graphical representations
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Siemens Simatic WinCC V7.4 SCADA 

SIMATIC WinCC® is the industry-leading scalable process visualization system, with efficient functions for controlling automated processes. 
With SIMATIC WinCC, “perfect process visualization“ stands for complete operating and monitoring functionality under Windows for all industry segments.  This ranges from simple single-user systems through to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and the structure of a cross-site solution including Web clients. 

WinCC is a modern system with an attractive user interface for ease of use in the world of the process and manufacturing, offering reliable operation and efficient configuration. It is scalable for simple and complex tasks. Together with the integrated process database, WinCC represents the information exchange for cross-company, vertical integration and thanks to Plant Intelligence this provides much more transparency in production. 

Siemens Simatic WinCC V7.2 SCADA allows you to; 

  • Process mass amounts of data at any one time, 
  • Efficiently diagnose issues within the production process, to enable reactive responses to issues and obstructions in the industrial process, 
  • Enable high-performance data monitoring and archiving, 
  • Efficiently analyse data transmitted by the SCADA system through the use of a Human-Machine Interface (HMI), 
  • Scale your operations to meet the growing requirements of your industrial applications. 

WinCC DataMonitor

DataMonitor is used for the display, analysis, interpretation, and distribution of current process states and historical data from the process database. With the DataMonitor, WinCC process data can be made available to all functional levels in the enterprise via the Web. 

  • Displaying and analyzing current process status conditions and historical data on office PCs using standard tools like Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer or Microsoft Excel.
  • No additional time and effort for configuration, since you can directly use pictures from the WinCC project
  • Evaluation via centrally administrated templates for detailed analyses of company processes (e.g. reports, statistics)
  • Creating event- or time-controlled reports
  • Information from the process can be grouped on an individual basis at runtime (information portal) and distributed to different people by e-mail.

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