Axis Controls can provide your company with a complete pneumatic system solution. As a recognised SMC Pneumatics systems integrator, we can offer the very latest products from SMC's comprehensive product range. From SMC cylinders, SMC rotary actuators, SMC filter regulators, SMC pressure switches, SMC manifolds and SMC valve islands right through to the automation control system. We can design and supply a complete turnkey solution, comprising SMC products that are manufactured within ISO 9001 standards, delivering consistency across the product range. 

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SMC are one of the largest manufacturers and industry leaders of industrial pneumatics, and we have had years of experience with integrating SMC Pneumatics into control and automation solutions.

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SMC Pneumatic Valve Islands

Pneumatic valves and valve manifolds provide the logic that makes an automated system perform. SMC's valves are designed to conserve energy, whilst simultaneously providing maximum flow rates. We stock SMC valves in the following categories: 

  •     Solenoid Valves & Manifolds
  •     Manual Valves
  •     Mechanically Actuated Valves
  •     Air Pilot Valves
  •     Valve Accessories
SMC Pneumatic Valves

SMC Pneumatic Grippers

SMC offers one of the most extensive lines of pneumatic air grippers in the industry today. This series features pneumatic rotary grippers, including;r two, three and four finger parallel styles that are ideal for gripping and centering; a wide opening parallel model, designed to accommodate many different sized parts; a heavy duty style, suitable for a wide range of applications; an angular model, speed adjustment built in; a toggle to give reliable gripping support; a low-contamination style, equipped with a protective boot; and electric models. 

SMC Pneumatic Cylinders  

Basic linear cylinders are used to provide straight-line, in/out linear movement for a variety of control and automation applications. Available as single acting (spring extend or spring return) and double acting styles with single rod or double rod configurations, non-rotating, and precision non-rotating models. 

Body styles include crimped, round, or tie rod. Single acting cylinders develop thrust in one direction and have lower air consumption compared with the equivalent size of double acting cylinders. With a double acting air cylinder, air pressure may be alternately applied to provide force in both directions.

SMC Pneumatic Grippers

SMC Rotary Actuators  

SMC manufactures both Rack & Pinion, and Vane, style pneumatic rotary actuator products. Combination rotary models combine compact linear cylinders and rotational capability. Combinations are also available that include rotary gripper capabilities. When the application calls for rotational motion of less than one revolution; rotary cylinders can mount right at the equipment joint without taking up space with long stroke lengths, which would be required to do the same job with a linear cylinder. SMC's pneumatic rotary actuator units can achieve arc lengths of 90°, 180°, 190°, or even 270°, depending on the configuration. SMC offers both electric and pneumatic rotary actuator products. 
SMC Filter Regulators  To operate reliably, a pneumatic system needs clean dry air. SMC has a broad range of products to help address the needs of harsh industrial environments. From water and dust to oil and odors, SMC has the air filters, regulators and related equipment that you need to keep your air and machines performing. Our product offerings include: 

  •     Combination FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator) Units
  •     Filters
  •     Regulators (both vacuum and standard air regulator equipment is available)
  •     Lubricators
  •     Dryers
  •     Nozzles
SMC Rotary Actuators

SMC Pneumatic Suction Cups

SMC vacuum products vary from; vacuum pads with a variety of connection styles and pad shapes/materials to vacuum ejectors (or vacuum generators) available as single units or modular designs with both vacuum release and main supply valves. Vacuum filters help prevent dust and particulates from entering vacuum circuits, while vacuum regulators maintain a steady negative pressure. Our range of pressure and flow switches can confirm product absorption. 

  •     Suction Cups
  •     Non-Contact Pads
  •     Ejectors
  •     Filters
  •     Regulators
  •     Switches
SMC Pneumatic Suction Cups

SMC Pneumatic Fittings

SMC produces a comprehensive range of tubing, fittings, speed or flow controls, and related accessories. Specialized fittings for harsh environments, or high purity environments are available as well. Fittings and tubing work together to provide you with a leak-free, efficient, easy-to-use system to supply air to industrial automation systems. 

  •     Fittings
  •     Tubing
  •     Speed Controllers
  •     Manifolds
  •     Accessories
SMC Pneumatic Fittings