Servo Systems

Axis Controls are specialists in the design and manufacture of electrical control panels and automation solutions, with UL508a and ISO 9001 accreditation.  For over a decade, Axis Controls has been designing and building industrial control panels and automation systems for a wide variety of machine builders and end users.   Browse our portfolio to find out more. 

We have the expertise to deliver a fully scalable Servo solution for your business.  A Servo system is an automatic device that uses error sensing feedback technology to automatically detect and correct any issues during the production process. 

Integrating a Servo system can have a number of benefits for your business.  A Servo system is much smoother than other potential control solutionsand works in a closed loop.  This guarantees improved control and accuracy for your production facilties.  Limit production downtime with faster linear responses to error that arise within your system. 

Limit the chance of human error during the production process by controlling motion and production without any human interaction.  With a Servo system you can perfectly maintain the accuracy of your production.  Therefore, avoiding potential issues that may crop up and disrupt your production.  If you need to control your production in an isolated facility, a Servo system is perfect for maintaining the performance of your production and machinery. 

Quality Solutions

All control panels and Servo systems built by Axis Controls are assembled to the highest standards and are fully compliant with the relevant British and European standards and directives. We are also;

·  ISO 9001 accredited

·  UL 508A Certified

As a certified UL panel builder, we can design and build electrical control panels and full Servo system solutions for the USA and Canadian market, which for many UK machine builders is a fast growing market.

If you are an OEM looking to or currently exporting to this market – we can help.

Free Consultation 

If you have an electrical control system requirement, or if you are an OEM looking to change your control panel builder or implement an end to end Servo system solution, we would like the opportunity to meet and discuss how Axis Controls could help your business. We have a wealth of experience in control system design and applications, and we may be able to offer a suggestion or solution.

Site visits are free and give us the opportunity to completely understand your process requirements.

Learn More

Contact Axis Controls (NW) to discuss the requirement for your Servo system, and learn more about how we can create the perfect solution for your production process.  

Read our case studies to learn more about Servo system applications we have previously completed.