AC Variable Speed Motors

Siemens AC Force Cooled Motors

Even on resistricted lead times, Axis Controls can offer the full range of Siemens IE3 AC motors, fitted with a force ventilation fan or blower. The Siemens Simotics motor range is regarded as one of the world's leading motor brands. 

Fitted with a thermistor and forced ventilation cooling fan make these ideal for use in variable speed drive applications. Axis Controls specify this range for our own installation projects, and can guarantee from experience their quality and efficiency. 

Siemens AC Force Cooled Motor

Siemens AC Closed Loop Vector Motors

For demanding applications, where accurate speed holding is required at very low speeds, Axis Controls can offer the Siemens Simotic motor range fitted with an encoder and force ventilation fan. 

When used with a suitable AC variable speed drive or inverter such as the Siemens G120 drive or Parker 890 drive range, then full torque right down to zero speed can be achieved. This makes them ideal for winding or web process applications, or any other process that requires very accurate speed holding. 

We generally fit Sick DFS60 programmable encoders, with a socket mounted on the force cooling fan cowl and supply either a 3, 5, 10 or 20 metre cable with an M23 plug connector on one end. Alternatively, we can also supply Sick DFS60 encoders with a non removable 5 metre flying lead. 

Again, all these vector motors are available on short lead times.  Contact our team to find out more. 

Siemens Closed Loop Vector Motor