DC Variable Speed Drives

What is a Variable Speed Drive?

A variable speed drive works by changing the speed of a motor by varying  the voltage supplied to it.  Variable speed drives consist of either AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) drives.

What is a DC variable speed drive and why should I use one? 

DC controllers (or DC drive systems) although not as widespread in use as AC invertors, do have an important role to play in the modern manufacturing process and are ideally suited to a range of particular applications.  
With our wealth of experience in DC motor installations, upgrading your DC drive to a modern digital model could prove far less costly than replacing the motor and controller for an AC motor. 

DC variable speed drives lead to a number of benefits, including; 
1.  Increased energy efficiency and cost savings,
2.  Eliminate the need for expensive mechanical drive components,
3.  Increased motor longevity,
4.  Minimised risk of motor damage during motor start-up,
5.  Reduced opportunity for power line disturbances that can lead to motor damage. 

  • Variable Speed Drive solutions by Axis Controls

    Variable Speed Drive solutions by Axis Controls

  • ABB Variable Speed Drives

    ABB Variable Speed Drives

  • Parker Variable Speed Drive systems

    Parker Variable Speed Drive systems

  • Variable speed drives by ABB

    Variable speed drives by ABB

  • Variable speed drive solutions

    Variable speed drive solutions

Variable speed drive applications: 

Variable speed drives are suitable for a number of applications including; pumps, compressors, conveyor belts, lathes, mills, food processing production lines and many, many more... 
1. Fans - A variable speed drive is a much more energy-efficient way of reducing fan speed than using a dampner. 
2. Pumps - Using throttle control for pumping applications results in poor energy efficiency.  By using a variable speed drive the pump is run at the most appropriate design speed for improved energy efficiency. 
3. Pressure Controls - A variable speed drive will adjust the pump speed based on feedback signals to maintain a constant pressure through changes inflow. 

Find out more; 

You can select DC variable speed drives, or DC inverters, by manufacturers including; KB Electronics and Parker in the menu at the top of the page.  If you would like any help choosing the correct drive for your application please get in touch.  If you require a drive that is not listed on-site, please speak to one of our teams as we can usually supply other drives within just a few days. 

Axis Controls also offer a fully bespoke electrical control panel building service; so if you need a new drive building into an electrical control system, get in touch or browse our portfolio to learn more.