KB Electronics

Axis Controls are the UK's premier distributor of KB Electronics DC motor variable speed drives.  As one of Europe's largest stockists of KB ELectronic drives; we stock the complete DC drive range, suitable for your electrical control panel or automation systems.  

KB Electronics offer a range of off-the-shelf DC variable speed drive solutions; from basic entry level chassis mounted drives to IP65 wash down versions.  KB offers an affordable drive product for DC motors up to 3.75 kW.  IP65 models are ready to run straight from the box, without the need for any other control components or electrical control panel building solutions. 

If you need a new or retrofit replacement drive, option board, accessory or are just in need of some advice for your DC drive application; Axis Controls have the solution.  

How can we help you?

Contact a member of our team to discover the best KB Electronics DC motor variable speed drive solution for your application. 

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