Axis Force Ventilation Fans for VEM Motors

Axis Controls stock a range of Economy Forced Ventilation Fans to fit VEM electric motors, and are recommended for applications in which the motor is running in operation with a frequency inverter.

Electric motors with forced ventilation fan units are suitable for use in all industrial fields; from food processing to mills and offshore applications – there’s a suitable motor and forced ventilation fan for your needs.

Axis Controls Economy Forced Ventilation Fans consists of an extended fan cowl to suit an encoder application.  These pieces of equipment are fitted with a motorised fan and a terminal box. The force ventilation fan is designed to deliver the same (or more) cooling air than is ordinarily delivered by the motors' own fan at the rated speed. The Economy forced ventilation fans are manufactured to provide IP66 certified protection, whilst remaining an innovative and extremely cost-effective solution for your business.

When do I need a forced ventilation fan unit?

For many industrial applications, there is a growing need for motors with improved cooling facilities when operating at low speeds for most variable speed drive applications.  The simplest way to deliver improved cooling is to provide a second, small and constant speed induction motor to drive a cooling fan.

Using a forced ventilation fan unit is essential for giving the required cooling across the whole body of the motor, limiting the potential for loss of output power, nuisance trips and premature failures from insufficient cooling.

For more information and specialist advice on which forced ventilation fan is right for your application, please call us and speak to one of our team.