Economy Range of Axis Force Ventilation Fans

Axis Controls range of Economy Forced Ventilation Fans are recommended for applications where the motor is used with a frequency inverter, to suit an encoder application.  Forced ventilation units are available in frame sizes 56 to 225 with a removable extended adaptor.

These pieces of equipment consist of an extended fan cowl fitted with a motorised fan and a terminal box. The fan is designed to deliver the same (or more) cooling air that is normally delivered by the motors' own fan at the rated fan speed. Axis Controls economy forced ventilation fans are manufactured to provide IP55 protection, whilst ensuring an innovative and extremely cost effective solution.

What Happens If I Don't Use A Force Vent Fan?

If you don't use a force ventilation fan on a motor that is running at less than 25 Hz, you may experience:

  • Motor over-heating
  • Reduction of output power
  • Motor winding stress
  • Thermistor over-temperature faults
  • Reduced motor life

Axis Controls supply Force Ventilation Fans for most major brands of motors. However, if we don't stock the exact model to suit your requirements, please contact us as we can usually adapt a similar unit to your specification.