Yaskawa AC inverter drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in variable speed AC motor control, made possible by experience and dedication to quality.  

With specialist manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China and a number of other countries; Yaskawa is the world's largest manufacturer of variable speed drive and inverter's up to 2250HP solutions.  From simple to complex applications, Yaskawa has a variety of drive and inverter products to meet your needs.

The Microdrive models; J1000 and V1000, provide superior performance in the most compact and economical packages through 7.5HP and 25HP respectively.   The V1000 model is available in an integrated IP66, NEMA / UL Type 4X version for machine mounting or harsh enviornments. 

Yaskawa J1000 Inverters
Yaskawa V1000 Inverters

Yaskawa J1000 inverters are designed with efficient energy performance, energy savings and the ability to handle multiple speed control applications in mind.  With UL accreditation, the Yaskawa J1000 is suitable for use and sale in the USA and Canada. 

Yaskawa V1000 inverters are compatible with most variable speed drive applications, and easily adapts to use demands whilst providing maintainence functions to minimise downtime.  This inverter drive solution satisfies international safety regulations. 

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Axis Controls stock a wide range of Yaskawa AC Motor Variable Speed Drives suitable for automation processes, and electrical control systems.  

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