ABB Variable Speed Drives

ABB Variable Speed Drives

Delivering world class engineering, ABB's inverters and variable speed drive solutions control the speed of electric motors to match the task at hand; saving power and improving performance in industrial plants, shops, offices and homes all across the world.  

There are very few items of equipment that are as crucial to industrial processes - and few that convert as much energy - as the electric motor.  In fact, about two-thirds of the world's electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by electric motors.  Axis Controls stock a wide range of ABB interverter drives for automation processes and electrical control systems. 

ABB ACS-150 Inverters
ABB ACS-310 Inverters
ABB ACS-355 Inverters

Designed with easy installation in mind, the ABB ACS-150 is suitable for a variety of machines in which a fixed speed motor needs to run at a variable speed. 

Designed to suit pump and fan applications with built in energy efficiency features, the ABB ACS-150 inverters have a range of built in safety and protection features. 

The ABB ACS-355 inverters are designed to be quick to install and commission, with a compact space saving design for material handling, manufacturing and processing applications. 

ABB ACS-480 Inverter
ABB ACH-580 IP21 Inverters
ABB ACH-580 IP55 HVAC Drives

With a straightforward setup menu, commissioning, use and optimisation; the ABB ACS-480 drive has all the essential features you need built in.  Cabinet optimised size and embedded features makes the ABB ACS-480 an easy to use, reliable and efficient drive option. 

Designed to specifically control HVAC application, the ABB ACH-580 IP21 HVAC model can be easily integrated with any motor.  This ABB inverter solution can be integrated with any motor, communicates in the languages you and your system already know and exceeds specifications in mission critical environments. 

Designed to integrate specifically within HVAC systems, the ABB ACH-580 IP55 HVAC model can be easily integrated with any motor due to its expanisve communication capabilities.  This inverter is easy to install, commission and use; with guaranteed energy efficiency capabilities built in. 

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