KB Electronics

As manufacturers of over 200 different models of off the shelf AC drive inverters, DC drives and fan controls, KB Electronics produce a range of solutions for your electrical control applications.  We are a recognized and trusted KB Electronics partner.  This means we are able to supply the majority of the KB Electronics range for integration into bespoke electrical control panel and automation solutions. 

KB Electronics solutions are perfect for a variety of applications; from automation drives to reduce manual labour, and PLC systems within control solutions; to food and beverage production controls for processing and cooking, regulating flow rates or the control of pump rate systems; to demanding HVAC solutions and complex packaging solutions.

AC Variable Speed Drives

KB Electronics AC drives provides variable speed for 3-phase induction motors; with Sensorless Flux Vector Compensation with Static-Auto-Tune to provide excellent speed regulation from zero to full load over a wide frequency range.  The KB Electronics AC drive range provides automatic energy saving functionality at light loads, and smooth motor torque operation.

DC Variable Speed Drives

KB Electronics DC drives provide variable speed for DC motors; available in 115 and 208/230 VAC-50/60Hz, and in a range of enclosure types, including; IP20, IP50 and IP65 to suit a variety of application requirements.