Since our inception in 2008, we have designed and delivered a variety of automation devices; and electrical control panels that have been built around the Allen-Bradley Integrated Architecture product range.  This includes the Allen-Bradley Logix Control Platform. 

Other Allen-Bradley products include industrial control products, smart motor controllers and variable frequency drives or inverters. Allen-Bradley applications deliver fully scalable solutions that can be designed; by one of our talented controls engineers, to fit your business requirements.

You can control multiple systems at once with the Allen-Bradley range of intelligent motor controls, built into your industrial control panel or automation system by Axis Controls.

Allen-Bradley control solutions for an air-handling system

  • Allen-Bradley for an air-handling application

    Allen-Bradley for an air-handling application

  • Air-handling applications featuring Allen-Bradley

    Air-handling applications featuring Allen-Bradley

  • Allen-Bradley control gear

    Allen-Bradley control gear

We were commissioned by one of our customers, who manufacture FMCG items on a large scale from their North West based facility, to design and develop an automation and control solution for their air-handling system requirements.

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix systems deliver standard and safety control solutions for a fully integrated control system.  I/O wizards for Allen-Bradley enable quick and easy module configuration, with comprehensive I/O diagnostics for detection of both system and field side failures.