KB Electronics KBPB Range

The KBPB Series of DC Drives consist of two models rated for 1/100 to 3 horsepower motors.* These chassis drives are a compact version of the KBCC “R”control. The APRM® eliminates contact arcing by allowing armature switching to take place only when voltage levels are near zero. Built-in terminal blocks and its small size make the control ideal for installation where space is at a premium. The KBPB is equipped with a built-in dynamic brake resistor, ACCEL and DECEL trimpots, and includes a 5k ohm potentiometer This control provides functions identical to that of the KBCC-R. This drive requires a Plug-in Horsepower Resistor® to operate and includes an AC line fuse and an Armature fuse holder.** This drive also contains Auto Inhibit® which provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line.

KBPB-125 (8900) KBPB-125 Reversing DC Motor Speed Controller £198.00 Info/buy
KBPB-225 (8901) KBPB-225 Reversing DC Motor Speed Controller £223.00 Info/buy