Parker 512 Series DC Drives

Isolated control circuitry, a host of user facilities and extremely linear speed and current loops make the 512C range ideal for single DC motor or multi drive applications. Designed for use on single phase supplies, the 512C is suitable for controlling either permanent magnet or shunt wound DC motors in speed or torque control.

512C-04-00-00-00 Parker 512C-04 DC Drive 4 Amp £197.40 Info/buy
512C-08-00-00-00 Parker 512C-08 DC Drive 8 Amp £254.10 Info/buy
512C-16-00-00-00 Parker 512C-16 DC Drive 16 Amp £277.20 Info/buy
512C-32-00-00-00 Parker 512C-32 DC Drive 32 Amp £357.70 Info/buy