KBPC-240D Black IP65 DC Motor Speed Controller

KBPC-240D ( 9338 ) Black IP65 DC Motor Speed Controller 115/230V AC Line, 90/180V Armature, 10.2 Amps

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The KBPC series of IP65 (NEMA-4X) SCR DC motor speed and torque controllers are designed for applications requiring washdown and watertight integrity. The housing is constructed of die cast aluminium protected with an acrylic coating. Exclusive short circiut and timed current limit circuitry prevents motor burnout and demagnetization of PM motors.

Selectable features on the main board include :-
Motor current range
Input signal voltage
Armature or Tacho feedback

Model Number : KBPC-240D 
Part Number : 9338
Description : Black IP65 DC Motor Speed Controller 
Manufacturer : KB Electronics

115/230V AC Line Supply Voltage
90/180V DC Armature Voltage
Maximum DC Output Current :10.2 Amps

This product may also be known as kb9338, kb-9338, kbpc240d

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