KB Electronics KBBC Range

The KBBC series of battery powered variable speed controls are designed for PM and Series Wound DC motors from 1/100 to 4 horsepower. The chassis and Microcontroller design provides superior performance and ease of tailoring to specific applications. Operating in a regenerative mode, precise and efficient control is obtained using state-of-the-art MOSFET technology. The KBBC contains standard features such as current limit, short circuit protection, speed potentiometer fault detector, over-temperature sensing, reverse polarity protection and undervoltage/overvoltage protection. The KBBC can be controlled in several ways, such as single-ended or wigwag speed potentiometer and 0 - 5 Volts DC signal following. The controls contain a built-in heat sink that also serves as a mounting base.

KBBC-24M (9500) KBBC-24M 24V DC Motor Speed Controller £267.00 Info/buy
KBBC-44M (9501) KBBC-44M 48V DC Motor Speed Controller £298.00 Info/buy