ABB ACH580 IP55 HVAC Drive 250.0kW 400V

ABB ACH580-01-430A-4+B056 250.0 kW 400V three phase input, 400V three phase output IP55 HVAC drive.

List Price: £20,799.00Our Price: £13,519.35

The ACH580 drive sets new standards both in simplicity and reliability, and ensures a smooth operation of your HVAC systems. Built-in features reduce on-site commissioning time, add value to existing control systems and provide easy diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The control panel’s straightforward settings menu allows you to program the drive based on your applications, not based on technical jargon. Sleep and timed functions are embedded to ensure that the drive doesn’t run when you don’t need it to.

The ACH580, with offering of wallmounted and cabinet-built drives, integrates easily into your facility and the power grid in different environments. Multiple PID control loops make control of processes approachable. The drive comes with control override, multi-pump control and motor preheat functionality.

Installation into clean rooms, or dusty and wet environments, is made possible thanks to the drive’s robust construction from IP21 up to IP55. Protection against internal contaminants is accomplished by having all circuit boards with coating as standard.

The ultra low harmonic drive variant ensures a pollution-free electric supply and enables the motor to be run at full voltage even in situations where the network voltage is reduced.

Precise and reliable energy efficiency
The built-in energy calculators, including used and saved kWh, CO2 reduction and money saved, help the user monitor and fine-tune processes to ensure optimal energy use. Additionally, the ACH580 offers motor control for higher efficiency IE3/IE4 PM motors and IE4 SynRM motors. The drive will catch the motor on a spinning fan or pump and utilize the precise amount of energy needed to get it moving to the application’s needs.

Model Number : ACH580-01-430A-4 + B056
Manufacturer : ABB
Range : ACH580-01
Power Rating : 250.0 kW (300 H.P.)
Output Current : 430.0 Amps
Supply Voltage : 380-480V, three phase, +/- 15%
Output Voltage :  400V, three phase
Frame Size : R9
Dimensions : h.742mm w.380mm d.477mm
Weight : 102 Kg
Ambient : -15 to 50 C (No condensation allowed)
Overload : 150% for 60 seconds
Output Frequency : 0-500 Hz
IP Class : IP55
Analogue Inputs : 2 (0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA)
Analogue Outputs : 2 (0-20mA, 4-20mA)
Digital Inputs : 6
Relay Outputs : 3
Motor Thermistor Input : Option card
Integral RFI Filter : Class C3 built in, C2 with external EMC filter
Onboard Comms. : Modbus RTU
Remote Keypad Available : Yes