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Winder Control Panels

Axis Controls specialise in offering bespoke winding control panels for end users, OEMs and process machinery manufacturers. Our systems expertise allows us to design innovative solutions to various winding applications. We can build AC and DC winding systems using state of the art variable speed drives from Parker SSD Drives ( formerly Eurotherm ). We also have an extensive library of PLC function blocks written by our engineers from previous web tension projects.

If you have a winding application, and would like expert advice, or a quotation, please contact our sales office.

Parker 690 Rewinder Slitter Control Panel

Rewinder slitter Parker 690

This Rewinder / Slitter control panel was built for MJ Howard, a company specialising in refurbishing converting machinery.

The system is designed to slit and rewind film material.

The rewinding and slitting is handled by three Parker 690P system drives fitted with encoder feedback cards. An Omron PLC and touchscreen monitor and control other machine fuctions.

All PLC and HMI programming, drive setup and commissioning was completed by Axis Controls engineers.

Titan 5 Rewinder Slitter Control Panel

Titan 5 Rewinder Slitter Control Panel

This rewinder slitter control panel was designed and built for Steadfast Machinery.

The system replaced an ageing Titan 5 control desk, and uses the very latest Parker 890 common bus closed loop vector drives.

The machine control is handled by an Omron CJ2 PLC, which also controls the pneumatic tension system on the unwind and rewind bars.

We used an Omron NS8 touchscreen as the main operator interface.

A Pilz PNOZ safety system was incorporated, for Emergency stop, guard switch, and rope switch safety monitoring.

We used a Sick UM30 digital ultrasonic sensor to provide diameter feedback to the PLC and both top and bottom rewind drives.

Axis Controls also supplied the three closed loop ac vector motors, with Sick programmable encoders.

Centre Surface Winder Control Panel

Centre Surface Rewinder Control Panel

This centre surface web tension control panel uses two Parker 690 AC drives.

The open loop torque control mode, allows operators to adjust web tenion manually using rotary potentiometers.

Allen-Bradley control gear was used throughout.

Axis Controls also supplied two AC motors fitted with force ventilation fans.

Parker 512C DC Winder Control Panel

Parker 512C DC Winder Control Panel

This DC winder control panel was built for MJ Howard Technical Services.

The system is designed for open loop web tension control and uses three 512C single quadrant DC drives from Parker SSD (Eurotherm).

The three DC drives provide open loop motor torque control.

Torque is manually controlled by the operator with the use of rotary tension potentiometers.

Parkland Machines Slitter Control Panel

Parkland Machines Slitter Control Panel

This slitter control panel was built for Parkland Machines in Bury.

The main drive inverter is an Allen-Bradley PowerFlex700.

Basic machine control is handled by a Zelio programmable relay.

Two Guardmaster safety relays were incorporated into the system.
The first safety relay handled the Emergency stop pushbuttons.
The second safety relay monitored a Sick safety scanner with two safety zones.

Allen-Bradley control gear was used throughout.

YKK Laminator Control Panel

YKK Laminator Winder Control Panel

This laminator winder control panel was built for YKK Zips in Daresbury.

The system uses an Omron CJ2 PLC and Omron servo drives.

The Omron PLC controls the main machine functions, including the laminator heaters.

Whilst motion control is handled by the Omron servo drives.

IML Slitter Waste Winder Control Panel

IML Slitter Waste Winder Control Panel

This waste winder system was designed to replace an ageing and unreliable Heenan Eddy Current system.

The waste winding is handled by a Parker 890 AC drive.

Axis Controls engineers wrote specific winder function blocks for this system.

Simple machine control is handled by an Omron CP1L PLC.

The Parker 890 inverter acted as both the master and the waste winder.

A Sick UM30 ultrasonic sensor was used for reel diameter feedback into the inverter.

Schneider and Allen-Bradley control gear was used.


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