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Axis Controls offer a range of quality process control instruments from a number of leading manufacturers'.

  • Omron
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Pepperl & Fuchs
  • ABB

Frequency to Analogue Meter - MCR-f-UI-DC 2814605

Phoenix MCR-f-UI-DC
Frequency to Analogue Meter - Phoenix Contact MCR-F-UI-DC

H7CX-AU-N Single Stage Counter, 100-240VAC

Omron H7CX-AU-N
Omron single stage counter - H7CX-AU-N 100-240VAC
£146.00£131.40Save £14.60

H7CX-AUD1-N Single Stage Counter 24VDC

Omron H7CX-AUD1-N
Omron single stage counter - H7CX-AUD1-N 24VDC
£146.00£131.40Save £14.60

H7CX-AW-N Dual Stage Counter, 100-240VAC

Omron H7CX-AW-N
Omron dual stage counter - H7CX-AW-N 100-240VAC
£165.00£148.50Save £16.50

H7CX-AWD1-N Dual Stage Counter 24VDC

Omron H7CX-AWD1-N
Omron dual stage counter - H7CX-AWD1-N 24VDC
£165.00£148.50Save £16.50

Omron K3MAJ-A2 Panel Meter, 100-240VAC

Omron K3MAJ-A2
Omron K3MAJ-A2 Panel Meter, 100 to 240V AC
£123.00£110.70Save £12.30

Omron K3MAJ-A2 Panel Meter, 24VAC/24VDC

Omron K3MAJ-A2 Panel Meter
Omron K3MAJ-A2 Panel Meter, 24V AC / 24V DC
£123.00£110.70Save £12.30
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