Process Instruments

Axis Controls offer a range of quality process control instruments from a number of leading manufacturers'.

  • Omron
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Pepperl & Fuchs
  • ABB
MCR-F-UI-DC Phoenix Contact Frequency to Analogue Meter £177.19 Info/buy
H7CX-AU-N Omron Single Stage Counter, 100-240VAC £146.00 Info/buy
H7CX-AUD1-N Omron Single Stage Counter 24VDC £146.00 Info/buy
H7CX-AW-N Omron Dual Stage Counter, 100-240VAC £165.00 Info/buy
H7CX-AWD1-N Omron Dual Stage Counter 24VDC £165.00 Info/buy
K3MA-J-A2 AC100-240 Omron K3MA-J-A2 Panel Meter, 100-240VAC £143.20 Info/buy
K3MA-J-A2 24VACDC Omron K3MA-J-A2 Panel Meter, 24VAC/24VDC £143.20 Info/buy