Sick DFS60B-THPM10000 Encoder

Sick DFS60B-THPM10000 ( 1036943 ) programmable encoder. 5m flying lead, 15mm hollow shaft

The encoders are programmed to 10,000ppr /TTL (5v) as standard.
They can be pre-programmed between 1ppr-10,000ppr and TTL (5v) or HTL (10-30v)
Please indicate below your required ppr and voltage.

Our Price: £300.00

Manufacturer : Sick 
Model Number : DFS60B-THPM10000 
Part Number : 1036943
Type :  Programmable encoder
Specification : 5m flying lead, 15mm hollow shaft

Fully programmable hollow shaft incremental encoder. 
Ideal for mounting on motor shafts. 
This model can be programmed for any pulse count between 1 & 10,000 ppr. 
Can be set for TTL/RS422 (4.5-5.5V) or HTL/Push Pull (10-30V). A,B,Z with compliments. 
The unit comes with a 5m flying cable. 
Collets are available to reduce the shaft diameter from 15mm.

The offer price includes pre-programming to your specification.

2048863 14mm Encoder Collet £10.45 Info/buy
2029179 12mm Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy
2029178 10mm Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy
2029176 8mm Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy
2029174 6mm Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy
2029180 1/2" Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy
2029177 3/8" Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy
2029175 1/4" Encoder Collet £11.27 Info/buy