KBVF-23 0.37 kW 230V IP20 Chassis Inverter

KBVF-23 (9958) 0.37 kW 230V IP20 Chassis Inverter

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The KBVF adjustable frequency drives provide variable speed control for standard 230V or 400V 3 phase motors.

These inverters are easy to install and operate. Setup is simple with adjustable trimpots and jumpers, with no complicated programming. 200% starting torque ensures startup of high friction loads. Slip compensation with static auto-tune provides excellent load regulation over a wide speed range.

KBVF-23 Hybrid AC Drive, A Digital Drive with Analog Interface

Manufacturer : KB Electronics
Inverter Range : KBVF
Part Number : 9958
Input Voltage : 200-240 VAC Single Phase
Output Power : 0.37 kW, 230V Three Phase
Output Current : 2.4 Amps

This product may also be known as: KBVF-23, KBVF23, KB-9958, KB9958, IP20 Inverter.