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Parker Servo Motors and Servo Gearboxes

Parker Servo Motors

Parker Servo Motors

The SMH / SMB series of highly dynamic brushless servo motors are now available from Parker Hannifin. Thanks to the innovative salient pole technology, the motor dimensions are drastically reduced with significant advantages in terms of specific torque, overall dimensions, and dynamic performance.

Compared to traditional technology brushless servo motors, the specific torque is about 30% higher, overall dimensions are considerably reduced, and consequently, rotor inertias are extremely low. Thanks to the high quality Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, and also the encapsulation method used to fasten them to the shaft, the SMH / SMB servo motors can achieve very high accelerations and withstand high overloads.

Parker Servo Motor Gearboxes

Parker Gen II Servo Motor Planetary Gearhead

The Stealth Gen II helical planetary gearboxes from Parker, incorporate design enhancements to provide superior performance for the most demanding high performance applications. Specifically designed for high performance servo motor applications.

Stealth Gen II incorporates dual angular contact bearings providing higher radial load capacities while maintaining high input speeds. The design enhancements comprise among others needle bearings to ensure a longer lifetime. Internal design changes and optimized gearing geometries provide the basis for the universal mounting position.

Common mounting kits across multiple gear-head lines promote quicker deliveries and ease of mounting to any servo motor. The Stealth Gen II range is offered in two designs :-

PS - Helical Planetary - Inline GearboxesRS - Helical Planetary / Spur Bevel - Right Angle Gearboxes


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