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New range of Force Ventilation Fans now available

Force Ventilation Fans

Axis Controls can supply Force Ventilation Fans to retrofit directly onto all of the leading AC motor manufacturers'.

Most standard AC induction motors have a cooling fan mounted at the non drive end of the motor shaft, covered by a fan cowl. The fan blade rotates at the same speed as the shaft.  This fan provides optimum cooling performance when the motor is run at it's standard design frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. Many electric motors are now controlled by variable speed drives or inverters.  These devices can change the speed of the motor.  By reducing the speed of the motor, then the speed of the cooling fan also reduces, which in turn reduces the cooling effect of the standard fan.  The use of a force ventilation fan guarantees adequate motor cooling irrespective of the motor shaft speed.

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Axis Controls offer bespoke control system solutions to machine builders, OEMs and end users. Our engineering team have many years experience of automation projects in a wide range of industrial applications.

We carry in stock a comprehensive range of AC and DC variable speed drives from a number of leading manufacturers. Please browse the products section for prices, specifications, brochures and technical literature.

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