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Electro Thrust Cylinders

Parker ET Electro Thrust Actuator

Parker ET Electro Thrust Cylinder

The ET electro thrust cylinder series from Parker Hannifin closes the gap between pneumatic and hydraulic drives. With a wide choice of accessories, the ET series offers many application possibilities, such as : material handling systems, machine feed systems, vertical actuators for loading machine tools, textile industry tensioning / gripping fabrics, automotive industry.

For precise motion, positioning, setting, and actuating, the ET series offers :-

- High mechanical efficiencies up to 90%
- Stroke lengths up to 2400mm
- High traction / thrust force up to 44,500 N
- Repeatability accuracy of +/- 0.07mm
- Speeds of up to 1.3 m/s
- Screw pitches from 5 to 50mm per rev
- Five different body sizes
- Available with servo or stepper motor drive
- IP54 standard with IP65 optional


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