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Belt Driven Linear Actuators

HLE Belt Actuators

Parker HPLA Belt Linear Actuator

The HLE linear belt actuator range from Parker offers an appropriate solution for all motion tasks. It is ideal for use as a single axis, or as a component in a multiple axis system. It has been developed for rapid linear movements over long stroke distances. The HLE provides a simple machine and system element and can be used without the need for any specialized knowledge. Installation and starting up only requires a small amount of effort from the user. The HLE is supplied in many different configurations with numerous options and many accessories.

- Up to 20 m for timing belt drive
- High speeds in practical applications of up to 5 m/s
- High load-bearing capacity up to 1000 kg
- Nominal drive torque up to 108 Nm
- Nominal thrust force up to 2700 N
- Repeatability up to ± 0.05 mm
- High degree of mechanical efficiency
- Independent multiple carriages can be used on one linear actuator for rack-and-pinion drive

LCB Belt Actuators

Parker LCB Linear Belt Actuator

Parker's LCB series of compact and robust belt driven linear actuators.
External sliding guidance system and integrated timing belt drive. Low-cost alternative to conventional timing belt driven linear actuators demanding robustness combined with simple constructionhe LCB paves the way to higher productivity, high quality and minimum set-up time

Motion is controlled using modern servo or stepper motor technology allowing any required position or velocity profile to be achieved.

In certain applications the LCB can even compete against expensive linear motor drives.

Efficient operation: Even at high speeds the LCB generates very little noise.

The slide guidance system is clean and dry. There is no need for lubrication that can attract dust particles.


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