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Ballscrew Driven Linear Actuators

XE Ballscrew Linear Actuator

Parker XE Ballscrew Linear Actuator

The 404XE range of ballscrew linear actuators from Parker combine versatility with rugged construction in a compact motion platform that is ideal for 24/7 process automation. A high efficiency ballscrew drive, recirculating square rail bearings and high strength aluminum body reduces costs while improving performance.

  • Travels to 700 mm
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Repeatability to ±20 µm
  • High Strength Design
  • Multi-Axis Mounting
  • Locating Dowel Holes
  • Linear feedback
  • Sensor packs
  • Parallel motor mounting
  • Clean room preparation

XR Ballscrew Linear Actuator

Parker XR Ballscrew Linear Actuator

The 400XR Precision Linear Tables offer precision positioning, reliable performance, high strength, and unmatched versatility, with an unrivaled array of features and options easily matched to fit any application. Premier performance, modular compatibility, and quick delivery have made these tables the perfect building blocks for cost-effective multi-axis systems. Modular flexibility distinguishes the 400XR family from all others allowing each unit to be easily configured to meet unique requirements from the very basic to the highly complex.

  • ±1.3 µm bidirectional repeatability
  • Maximum load: Normal - 14 400 N; axial - 4510 N
  • Travels up to two meters
  • High efficiency ballscrew drive
  • High strength extruded aluminum body
  • Precision ground mounting surface
  • IP30 rated strip seals
  • 100% certified with laser interferometer tests
  • Optional cleanroom prep to class 10


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